Comprehensive Plan


Make Your Voice Heard

The Bolivar Planning Commission is in the works of updating the Town of Bolivar's Comprehensive Plan.  The Commission is asking the residents, property owners, renters, Bolivar business owners and employees, and visitors to fill out the Community Survey either online or pick up a hard copy at the town office (Bolivar Community Center) during normal business hours.

Was there a plan before?


Yes! The comprehensive plan was last published in 2013.  Click the link below to read over the 2013 plan.



What is it?


The Town of Bolivar's Comprehensive Plan is a document describing the community's vision for the future of Bolivar. The document describes the history, population, land use, economy, transportation, education, community services, and natural resources, all elements that comprise the community.


The plan also identifies goals and objectives, based on community input. Towns, cities, and counties throughout West Virginia are required by the state to produce or update comprehensive plans every 10 years.


What's Next?


The Bolivar Planning Commission's timeline goal for updating the plan is as follows:

  • Distribution of surveys (May-June)
  • Collect surveys (June 30th)
  • Analyze survey results (July/August Planning Commission meetings)
  • Present survey results to public in a special public meeting (September Planning Commission meeting)
  • Write the Comprehensive Plan with the updated info/survey results/meeting response (September/October Planning Commission meeting)
  • Submit Comprehensive Plan to the Town Council (November Town Council Meeting)
  • Revise the Comprehensive Plan (December Planning Commission meeting)
  • Final approval/acceptance before the Town Council (January 2024 Town Council Meeting)

Ready to Make Your Voice Heard?

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Please contact the town office during normal business hours for any questions.